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Fantasy Football Week 6 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em: Tight Ends

Week 6 is finally here after a crazy Week 5 that saw a game being played on Tuesday Night. Due to that, everyone has a little less time than usual to set up their fantasy football lineups this week.

Now there is an extra twist: we are deep enough into the season where you can start to feel out how a player is going to perform, sure. But now there are also bye weeks with which to contend. That means you could be without your star player.

So who should it be? Right now we’re going to look at tight ends and try to decide with three are “start” worthy and which three should take a seat on your bench.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

TEs to Start in Week 6

Evan Engram, New York Giants

This is probably something fans of the Washington Football Team are tired of hearing, but it’s not a bad idea to start someone going up against them.

Washington has allowed at least 30 points in four straight games. Meanwhile, their coverage of tight ends is “bad” at best. It’s been ugly if we’re being honest. Although the New York Giants have struggled offensively and Evan Engram has not been very productive, this could be a big week for him. The tight end has just 18 receptions for 147 yards and no touchdowns so far. He does have two carries for nine yards and one touchdown.

Even worse, Engram recorded just one reception for 16 yards against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5 (the game that saw New York’s offense finally have some success). Again though, that was the game that saw the tight end score a rushing touchdown.

Engram should face some very soft defense in Week 6. While Washington has a lot going for them in the pass rush, they’ve yet to show they can stop tight ends.

In a game that could see both teams score quite a bit, Daniel Jones might look for his tight end quite a bit. Engram might be a sneaky good start in Week 6’s fantasy football.

Jonnu Smith, Tennessee Titans

This is simply riding the hot hand. Jonnu Smith has been absolutely awesome for the Titans so far this year. Last week, Smith had five receptions for 40 yards and two touchdowns. That’s not even his best game of the year.

Through four games, Smith has 18 receptions for 221 yards and five touchdowns. He is getting dangerously close to that “start him no matter what I don’t care if his quarterback lost his arms and he’s playing the greatest defense ever” territory.

Smith is going up against the Houston Texans this week. Sure Houston is 1-4 and the Titans are 4-0. That might make you think this game will be a blow and Tennessee will just run the ball a lot.

They have shown that they pass it throughout the game though. Maybe quarterback Ryan Tannehill won’t finish with 40 attempts and a ton of yards, but a big lead might not completely deter them from the pass every once in a while, and Smith will clearly get his targets.

So even if it is a blowout, at this point it feels like you can write in at least four receptions and a touchdown for Smith.

Hayden Hurst, Atlanta Falcons

Hayden Hurst has been hit-or-miss so far in 2020 for fantasy football owners. The starting tight end for the Atlanta Falcons has decent enough stats. Through five games he has 15 receptions for 170 yards and two touchdowns.

However, last week he had just two receptions for eight yards. The week before that saw a much better four receptions for 51 yards.

Before that, Hurst recorded just one reception for one yard, also scoring a touchdown, but the week before that saw a great five receptions for 72 yards and one touchdown.

You have a truly disastrous game and a bad game saved by a touchdown. You also have two okay games, and one great game.

With all that in mind, it’s really hard to tell what you’re going to get from Hurst. But Week 6 seems like a good time to take a chance on him. The Falcons face off with the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings as they look for their first win of the season.

Minnesota has been disappointing defensively and even with Hurst’s bad games, he tends to get a good amount of targets. So could he capitalize in Week 6?

The tight end has proven to be a roll of the dice in 2020. But he’s worth the risk this week.

TEs to Sit in Week 6

Austin Hooper, Cleveland Browns

Austin Hooper has been good this year, but he is not exactly living up to some of the hype in his first year with the Cleveland Browns.

The tight end has 17 receptions for 153 yards and one touchdown. Solid enough numbers, but he has not had any real standout performances. Hooper has two games with five receptions, one went for 57 yards and the other went for 34 yards and a touchdown. Then he has a three reception game for 25 yards and two games with two receptions (one for 22 yards and one for 15 yards).

So while those two five reception games are solid, the other three are bad.

You could argue that this week is a good matchup for him. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-0, but they have not have much real competition on the year (opponents are a combined 3-15-1).

Pittsburgh does have a strong defense, though. So, Baker Mayfield might want to not let the pass rush get to him much, that could mean a lot of check downs. The three best candidates for check downs would Kareem Hunt, Jarvis Landry, and Hooper.

Hooper is third on that list, though. Hunt and Landry will get the heavy majority of those targets, leaving Hooper to pick up the scraps. That’s not enough for a start in fantasy football.

Dalton Schultz, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott is tragically done for the Dallas Cowboys this season after that terrible looking ankle injury. However, Andy Dalton is a very solid backup and one that can keep the offense moving.

With that in mind, you could probably make the argument that Dalton Schultz is a great start for Week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys will probably have a different feel on offense and you shouldn’t be surprised if Schultz gets a lot of looks as Dalton’s security blanket.

Dallas has too many weapons, though. It would be one thing if Dalton was entering an offense with problems, but the Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliott at running back, and the three-headed monster of Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup at wide receiver.

With that in mind, sure there’s a chance that Dalton ends up connecting with Schultz at a high rate. At the same time though, Schultz could get completely lost in the shuffle.

He’s coming off his worst game of the year (one reception for six yards) and has disappeared at points before that this year. So it seems way too risky to start Schultz in Dalton’s first week as a starter.

Give it a week or two and see how those two gel, then you can start giving Schultz a look.

Rob Gronkowski Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There are a few reasons why Rob Gronkowski should be benched in your fantasy football lineup this week.

I know that you might feel inclined to start him now that Howard is out of the picture and Gronkowski is the star tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers again. He has not really shown all that much though.

Sure, Gronkowski had six receptions for 48 yards a few weeks ago, but that is far and away his best game of the year.

The next week he had just one reception for 29 yards. Then last week with Howard out he had just three receptions for 52 yards.

Expect to see the production start to go up a little more. Right now it’s just too risky to start a guy that also has a two receptions for 29 yards game and a zero receptions game.

Throw in the fact that Tampa Bay is facing off with the Green Bay Packers, though, and you have to be even more unsure about this start.

The Packers have been phenomenal this year, in basically all aspects of the game. Giving Gronkowski a start when he still has not shown much is way too risky.

Just like Schultz, give this time. There’s a chance he has a good week, but that’s the same case with anyone. For now, see where he’s at and evaluate him. Maybe once he can show the production is going to go up, then you can start putting him in your fantasy football lineups again.

For now though, sit and wait.