Faruzan will be releasing in Genshin Impact Version 3.3, accompanying Scaramouche who is now known as Wanderer. Check out her skills, talents, materials, and more here.

Faruzan Details

“A researcher from ‘one hundred years ago.” She enjoys self-identifying as everyone's senior, and has significant knowledge of ancient scripts and machines of all kinds.”

Her Ascension Stat is Bonus ATK%, gaining up to 24% on her final ascension. As per the latest official reveal, her Astrolabe Name is Flosculi Implexi, which was different from her initially revealed Astrolabe Name “Arabisca.” Her birthday is on August 20th.

She will be wielding a Bow, making her the second Anemo Bow, the first being the Anemo Archon Venti. This also means she is the first and only 4-star Anemo Bow.

Faruzan Ascension Materials

To fully level up Faruzan from level 1 to 90, these are all the materials she needs. All of the below materials can be acquired as of Version 3.2.

  • 168 Henna Berry
  • Primary Ascension Materials (drops from Anemo Hypostasis):
    • 1 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
    • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
    • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
    • 6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
  • Eremite drops:
    • 18 Faded Red Satin
    • 30 Trimmed Red Silk
    • 36 Rich Red Brocade
  • Semi-Intransient Matrix drops:
    • 46 Light Guiding Tetrahedron
  • 420,000 Mora
  • 412 Hero’s Wit + 2 Wanderer’s Advice (or equivalent EXP)

Faruzan Talent Materials

Each of Faruzan's three battle talents requires the following materials to be upgraded to level 10. All of these are also farmable as of Version 3.2.

  • Samachurl drops:
    • 6 Faded Red Satin
    • 22 Trimmed Red Silk
    • 31 Rich Red Brocade
  • Talent Level-Up Materials:
    • 3 Teachings of Admonition
    • 21 Guide to Admonition
    • 38 Philosophies of Admonition
  • Shouki no Kami Weekly Boss Drops:
    • 6 Puppet Strings
  • 1 Crown of Insight
  • 1.6525 million Mora

Faruzan Skills

Normal Attack: Parthian Shot

Normal Attack

  • Performs up to 4 consecutive shots with a bow.

Charged Attack

  • Performs a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG.
    While aiming, mighty winds will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged wind arrow will deal Anemo DMG.

Plunging Attack

  • Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, hitting opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Wind Realm of Nasamjnin

Faruzan deploys a polyhedron that deals AoE Anemo DMG to nearby opponents. She will also enter the Manifest Gale state.
While in the Manifest Gale state, Faruzan’s next fully charged shot will consume this state and will become a Hurricane Arrow that deals Anemo DMG to opponents hit. This DMG will be considered Charged Attack DMG.

Pressurized Collapse

  • The Hurricane Arrow will create a Pressurized Collapse effect at its point of impact, applying the Pressurized Collapse effect to the opponent or character hit. This effect will be removed after a short delay, creating a vortex that deals AoE Anemo DMG and pulls nearby objects and opponents in.
    The vortex DMG is considered Elemental Skill DMG.

“The winds of truth buffet the spirits of those who seek truth, dispersing the miasma of preconception.”

This skill deals 148.8% at level 1 and scales up to 316.2% at level 13. The Pressurized Collapse Vortex and Hurricane Arrow both have the same scaling, from 90% at level 1 to 191.25% at level 13. Manifest Gale has a duration of 18 seconds. The cooldown of this skill is 6 seconds.

Elemental Burst: The Wind's Secret Ways

Faruzan deploys a Dazzling Polyhedron that deals AoE Anemo DMG and releases a Whirlwind Pulse.

While the Dazzling Polyhedron persists, it will continuously move along a triangular path. Once it reaches each corner of that triangular path, it will unleash 1 more Whirlwind Pulse.

Whirlwind Pulse

  • When the Whirlwind Pulse hits opponents, it will apply Perfidious Wind’s Ruin to them, decreasing their Anemo RES.
  • The Whirlwind Pulse will also apply Prayerful Wind’s Gift to all nearby characters when it is unleashed, granting them Anemo DMG Bonus.

“One must have respect for the unknown wisdom that one might find hidden in ancient ruins.”

Her Burst deals 213.6% DMG at level 1 scaling up to 453.9% at level 13. The Prayerful Wind's Gift buff grants Anemo DMG bonus that begins at 23.7% up to 50.37% (lvls 1-13) and lasts for 4 seconds. Perfidious Wind's Ruin also lasts for 4 seconds and decreases Anemo RES of affected enemies by 40%.

The cooldown is 12 seconds and costs only 20 energy to cast.

Faruzan Passive Talents

Tomes Light the Path

  • Gains 25% more rewards when dispatched on a Sumeru Expedition for 20 hours.

Impetuous Flow

  • When Faruzan is in the Manifest Gale state created by Wind Realm of Nasamjnin, the amount of time taken to charge a shot is decreased by 60%, and she can apply The Wind’s Secret Ways‘ Perfidious Wind’s Ruin to opponents who are hit by the vortex created by Pressurized Collapse.

Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns

  • When characters affected by The Wind’s Secret Ways‘ Prayerful Wind’s Gift deal Anemo DMG to opponents, this DMG will be increased based on 57.4% of Faruzan’s own ATK. This DMG Bonus will be cleared 0.1s after dealing Anemo DMG to opponents, and can be triggered once every 1s.

Faruzan Constellations

Truth by Any Means

  • Faruzan can fire off a maximum of 2 Hurricane Arrows using fully charged Aimed Shots while under a single Wind Realm of Nasamjnin effect.

Overzealous Intellect

  • The duration of the Dazzling Polyhedron created by The Wind’s Secret Ways increased by 6s.

Spirit-Orchard Stroll

  • Increases Elemental Skill Level by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Divine Comprehension

  • The vortex created by Wind Realm of Nasamjnin will restore Energy to Faruzan based on the number of opponents hit: If it hits 1 opponent, it will restore 2 Energy for Faruzan. Each additional opponent hit will restore 0.5 more Energy for Faruzan.
  • A maximum of 4 Energy can be restored to her per vortex.

Wonderland of Rumination

  • Increases Elemental Burst Level by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

The Wondrous Path of Truth

  • Characters affected by The Wind’s Secret Ways‘ Prayerful Wind’s Gift have 40% bonus CRIT DMG when they deal Anemo DMG. When your own active character deals DMG while affected by Prayerful Wind’s Gift, they will fire another Hurricane Arrow at opponents. This effect can be triggered once every 2.5s.

Other Faruzan Details

Faruzan's Signature Dish is called Traditionally-Made Charcoal-Baked Ajilenakh Cake made by cooking Coconut Charcoal Cake with Faruzan.

  • Effect: Revives the selected character and restores 20% of Max HP, then restores an additional 1500 HP.
  • Description: Faruzan’s specialty. The dark and sweet cake, lying as it does atop a minty-green sauce bed, almost looks like some enigmatic mechanism. Your hesitation must have somehow reached Faruzan, for she then straightened up to assertively reassure you that this is a traditional dish in Sumeru and that its flavor is guaranteed. B—But, you can’t help wondering, did the people of Sumeru really have such peculiar tastes a hundred years ago?

Her outfit is called Pristine Elegance.

  • Description: Faruzan’s outfit. The unsophisticated yet elegant style represents her unfaltering nobility. This style was very popular in the Akademiya a hundered years ago, but has now become an uncommon sight.

HoYoverse Introduction

“Much of the content found within this book originates from Madam Faruzan's theories and manuscripts. It is our hope that future generations of scholars will remember her name when she returns to the Akademiya.” — Quote from the book “Introduction to Ancient Machines.” This text was released almost a century ago and is still on the Kshahrewar's essential reading list today.

There is a legend circulating among the Kshahrewar students:

If you have failed your mechanics exams and do not dare ask for remedial lessons from your displeased tutor, you can make your way to Haravatat next door and ask Madam Faruzan for some tips.

There is no need to prepare a gift. Just remember to show sincerity and humility, and call her “Madam” respectfully. That will be sufficient to get into the living encyclopedia of mechanics' good graces.

Madam Faruzan's explanations are simple to understand yet insightful, and her in-depth knowledge really makes people wonder if she had a hand in writing the syllabus. Her guidance will help resolve the most daunting problems, though there remain two problems that all students must overcome on their own:

The first is how to hide their surprise when they see her youthful appearance.

The second is to refrain from asking her why she has been shunned in Haravatat despite having such erudition, and whether she should consider joining Kshahrewar.

If you are unfortunate enough to commit one of these faux pas, you shall bear witness to rhetoric worthy of a household name in Haravatat, especially when in the field of criticizing and reprimanding others.