Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth’s release date has just passed by, and already players are jumping into the game. Before its release date, a demo for the game came out, allowing players to play the game’s first chapter for free. It also promised that players who finished the demo could skip it in the game. If you are one of those players who finished the demo and want to skip it, then you’re in luck. In this guide, we will teach you how to skip Chapter 1 of FF7 Rebirth. Beware of light spoilers.

How To Skip Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of FF7 Rebirth, Fall of a Hero, focuses on Cloud’s backstory. In it, Cloud recounts his mission with Sephiroth five years ago, which took place in Cloud’s hometown of Nibelheim. The chapter starts with the pair inspecting the town’s Mako Reactor, where they discover that the Reactor is housing a nefarious secret. This chapter has various lore drops, culminating in Sephiroth burning the town down and killing everyone he saw.

Fall of a Hero, as mentioned above, was the chapter that players could try out in the FF7 Rebirth Demo. Players were also told that, once the game comes out, those who finished this demo would be able to skip the mission in the full game. As such, here’s how you can skip Chapter 1 in FF7 Rebirth.

Players must select the Bonuses option to skip Chapter 1

For starters, players should make sure that they did play through the entirety of the Chapter 1 demo. Afterward, launch FF7 Rebirth as normal, and select the Bonuses option in the title menu. There, the player will be presented with a prompt, telling them that they will get bonus items as thanks for “playing various versions of the game”. This gives free items, as well as the ability to skip the Nibelheim portion of the main game. Players must now select Check Saved Data so that the game can look for the demo saved file. The player will then receive a prompt saying that the saved data was found and that they can now skip the Nibelheim portion.

Playeres should see this popup after selecting Bonuses

Afterward, play the game as normal. That means going through the entire intro sequence that involves the supposedly dead Zack Fair. After the fight sequence, as well as a touching reunion between him and Aerith, chapter 1 will officially start. The chapter plays out just like in the demo, so players can just skip the cutscenes and go straight to the fighting and exploring. Eventually, players will reach the part in the story where they head over to the Reactor with Tifa. During the walk to the Reactor, they will encounter some bug enemies, which they must defeat.

The bugs that players must defeat.
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After beating said enemies, a prompt should pop up that gives players the option to skip Chapter 1, or at least, to skip the whole trip to the Reactor. Choosing to skip will bring the player back to the village at night, where they can continue the rest of Chapter 1. Choosing not to skip will make the player go through the entirety of the Mount Nibel exploration, including the fight with the Materia Guardian.

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Choosing Yes will skip the entire next section of the game.

The reason why we suggested that players just play through the game normally if they already have it instead of trying to skip Chapter 1 is that, well, this doesn’t skip the entire chapter. It just skips the trip to the Mako Reactor and drops the player around a third of the way in. The Chapter 1 skip is more for players who have not bought the game yet, played the demo, and then decided to pick the game up.

That’s it for our guide on how to skip parts of Chapter 1 in FF7 Rebirth. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.