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Video: Firework explodes in Nick Young’s hand

The off court drama for Lakers guard Nick Young continues. A TMZ video shows ‘Swaggy P’ picking up a lit firework which then explodes in his hand during a Fourth of July celebration. This video comes one year after New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre Paul blew off pieces of three fingers during a fireworks accident.

While Paul is able to continue playing football without significant portions of his hand, losing fingers on a basketball player’s shooting hand would mean the end of his career. The firework involved in the incident was a tube mortar, meaning that the initial explosion would propel the firework into the air where a second, larger explosion occurs. Since Young was holding the tube and the firework worked, properly his hand was only near the initial explosion so it was unharmed.

This is the third time this season that Young has been involved in off court incidents. In March, teammate D’Angelo Russell leaked a Snapchat video of Young admitting he cheated on now ex-fiancé Iggy Azalea. That same week Young and another teammate, Jordan Clarkson, were accused of sexual harassment, which the players later described as a ‘miscommunication.’

The video, which was recorded on snapchat at a Fourth of July party at Young’s house, comes two weeks after Iggy Azalea broke off her engagement to Young.

Nick Young, once a 16th overall pick by the Wizards, has never quite been able to develop into a consistently productive player. Known primarily for off court antics, the 31 year old shooting guard averaged only 7.3 points last season, and has shot less than 37% from the field in his past two seasons. Lakers management has let him get away with previous incidents, but if these stunts continue to distract the team, Swaggy P may find himself in another uniform before long.

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