In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Emma Tammi confirmed the likelihood of the highly successful Five Nights at Freddy's sequel film.

Despite several bomb reviews, the movie garnered an impressive box office performance. It raked in $78 million domestically and $130 million globally on its opening weekend. It even sparked enthusiasm among both fans and the filmmaking team for further exploration of the franchise.

Tammi acknowledged that the first film intentionally left some plot threads open. Potentially setting the stage for a potential Five Nights at Freddy's sequel. Expressing excitement about the prospect, she stated, “We're all, including myself, very excited to keep making movies in this universe if we're lucky enough to do so, and this first one does well.”

Addressing fan curiosity, Tammi teased that the movie discreetly revealed the last name and real identity of the protagonist, Mike. Played by Josh Hutcherson.

While Mike's last name was not explicitly mentioned during the film, Tammi suggested attentive viewers could catch it. Especially in Matthew Lillard's lines during the final confrontation scene. “Mike's name is eventually said in full,” revealing him as Mike Schmidt. Therefore, also known as William Afton's son Michael Afton or Eggs Benedict in the game series.

Director Emma Tammi also encouraged fans to speculate on the open-ended elements, expressing a preference for leaving room for theories. With the success of the first film and the unresolved plot points, the director hinted at the necessity of a Five Nights at Freddy's sequel to tie up loose ends.