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Five things to be excited for in the upcoming Genshin Impact 1.3 update

It’s time to say goodbye to the harsh blizzards of Dragonspine as Genshin Impact’s newest update will soon take effect on February 3, 2021. Some of you have yet to acquire your dream cocogoat, so be sure to grind those primogems before she expires.

Now a new journey begins where you can finally breathe as the dreaded freezing cold meter is gone. The latest Genshin storyline will be filled with vibrance as the Traveler visits Liyue to attend a lantern filled festival. The trailers reveal characters like Chongyun and Xinyan walking around the streets of Liyue so they might end up appearing in quests. Upon seeing the skies filled with these lanterns, you might be amazed to the point where you can finally leave the nostalgia left by Mondstadt.

Besides the festival, there are other things to be excited for. Here are some of the most notable features that are worth eyeing.



Yu-Peng Chen has produced a musical masterpiece and it’s baffling that his soundtrack wasn’t even nominated in the Game Awards 2020. You’d always feel that sense of excitement traversing around the fields of Mondstadt when listening to his piece “His Resolution.” It didn’t matter if there were dendro slimes or hilichurls screaming, “YAAAAAH!” as the music itself is enough to pump you up like a UFC main eventer.

But it’s in Dragonspine or to be specific Tartaglia’s Story Quest that took his talents to the next level. Those techno tunes mixed with the traditional orchestral soundtrack was able to enhance your combat experience in the snowy mountains. It didn’t matter if you’re dealing with those frostarm lawachurls as the song can wash away your fears due to its sheer beauty. It seems his creativity has no limits.

Indeed we can never deny the prestige of the massive primogem counts and other freebies that the latest update will offer, but the game’s electrifying music should never be ignored. Can Yu-Peng Chen deliver a new masterpiece? So far Genshin’s latest video showcasing their introduction themes and some tunes from their Stellar Moments album are giving us a hint.



Looks like Genshin Impact has absorbed the gameplay mechanics of their competitors. By integrating Arknight’s tower defense system, miHoYo has now unveiled their latest event called Theatre Mechanicus. It’s definitely a good way to show their dominance as they could implement the other gameplay mechanics of their rivals into their system.

Who knows, perhaps Azur Lane could be next on the list. MiHoYo might even consider integrating Honkai Impact’s gameplay into Genshin.

Though they were able to introduce the gameplay mechanics of their rivals, Genshin still has that creative and unique edge. Players are tasked to build and upgrade their towers to defend their objectives and they can even send their character in the heat of battle.

This will definitely be a fun way of using our spare time. Perhaps we could say goodbye to an hour of finishing commissions and spending those resin on artifacts.



When I first encountered the Geovishap Hatchling, I was expecting that its adult version will appear at some point in the game. Unfortunately, there were no adult Geovishaps as I’m left wondering when they’ll first appear.

MiHoYo has finally answered the question as the mature Geovishap will make his debut in the latest update. It’ll also be a main focal point for an event as players are tasked by Katheryne to hunt these creatures. There will be rewards for completing these tasks so be sure not to miss them.

However there is a twist. Initially I was only expecting his adult form to appear but it turns out that the creature also has a boss form known as the Primo Geovishap. These aren’t supposed to be taken lightly as their attacks deal a massive amount of damage. They could unleash a beam on the ground that can evolve into an area-of-effect damage.

Given the insane damage outburst of these creatures, I’m expecting that my most awaited artifact will finally appear. Maybe miHoYo could make them different by being the superpowered over boss that once killed can give the player his or her most preferred artifact choice. This might be wishful thinking though.



The wait is finally over. One of the most teased characters is now a playable as you can finally spam those primogems to acquire him. Xiao is an anemo based polearm user who can dish a huge chunk of damage when using his abilities.

You might even feel his overpowered nature as his plunging attacks do not harm him no matter the height of the fall. In fact, the higher the fall, the larger the damage inflicted on opponents below. There is a drawback to his abilities as his elemental burst will consume his HP so be very careful when using it.

Overall his character design and animations look very intriguing. Even his story could entice gamers to break the bank to acquire him. As the conqueror of demons, Xiao is tasked to exorcise the evil spirits lurking around Liyue. This might explain his cold and reclusive personality that’s worth uncovering.



After saving Liyue from Osial’s wrath, the Traveler was asked by the city for any reward. When the Traveler mentioned that he or she wanted the posters of his or her missing sibling, we were left laughing as we expected something luxurious. Some of us were even shocked to hear the Traveler talk for the first time since the dawn of the millennium.

But the latest trailer where the Traveler showed his desperation to look for his sister may have at least shed a tear in our eyes. Will we have additional answers or information about our missing sibling? Or better yet, will we finally meet our lost sibling?