The Flash is reportedly coming to Fortnite with a Flash Cup event welcoming him to the game.


Based on a tweet by prolific Fortnite leaker, data miner, and streamer iFireMonkey, there will be a competition coming in a few days to welcome The Flash. He says that the skin will debut on February 10 along with The Flash Cup, which will award the outfit to the top duos in each region. This explains the very limited run of the Hearts Wild Cup, which will only run for three hours on February 9.

After the event, The Flash is coming to the Item Shop, claims iFireMonkey. That is great news, especially since topping the leaderboards even for Duos has been a tough task recently.

Later on, an official tweet by the Fortnite account may have just confirmed this leak to be true. The tweet reads, “Target Description: Really, really… really fast.”

The Flash continues the tradition in Fortnite of big pop culture icon collaborations in the game. Apart from The Flash, other DC superheroes have appeared in the game before, such as Aquaman. However, the collaborations don't stop with DC characters. Even rival comics brand Marvel has its characters visit Fortnite, too. During the Avengers' heyday, Thanos was a playable character in Fortnite. Outside of comic book characters, Fortnite also had visitors from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. You might remember the hunting spree we just had over a week ago, with the Mandalorian hunting your tail when you've got the top bounty in the game.

Outside of fictional characters, real-world artists and personalities have also appeared in some capacity in the digital island. One of these is the musician Marshmello, who performed in the first-ever Fortnite concert in-game, which was attended by thousands of fans.