Is Fortnite ever going to have a double jump feature?

Double jump is such a ubiquitous gaming mechanic that we gamers have grown too accustomed to it. It's become innocuous and sometimes we barely notice it's in a game. Most of the time, it's more noticeable when it's not in a game, and one title that certainly would benefit from having a double jump feature is Fortnite.

Until now, Fortnite did not have a double jump mechanic. We're now on Chapter 4 and there still isn't one, but Fortnite leaks are pointing toward double jump becoming a mechanic – if not permanently, then as a temporary mechanic. This was discussed by NOOB NOOB FRUIT days before the arrival of Chapter 4, saying that a new Double Jump mechanic will be coming to Fortnite through Chapter 4. This video came days before the release of Chapter 4, so there were fans who felt excited about this reveal.

However, Chapter 4 has come and the double jump is yet to be found, and there are no indications that it's going to be featured this season at all. So, many fans thought that the supposed leak was false and moved on with their lives. However, a recent tweet by prolific Fortnite leaker HYPEX backed up the claim that Fortnite will be getting a double jump mechanic. Hence, fans have once again taken up hope that double jump will be added to the game soon within the current season. Unfortunately, HYPEX didn't really elaborate on this reveal either, leaving fans in the dark.

Apart from double jumping, HYPEX also referenced two additional maneuvering mechanics that are said to be arriving on the game soon: wall running and jump sliding. Wall running sounds like a pretty cool idea, but there aren't really a lot of locations in Fortnite's Battle Royale Island that would make it highly useful. But still, having these additional maneuvering techniques would make the game a lot more fun, so hopefully these Fortnite leaks about double jumping, wall running, and jump sliding turn out to be correct!