Draymond Green has been known to get in the face of refs at times when he disagrees with a certain call. This postseason, Green already has 4 technical fouls and while that hasn't directly hurt the chances of the Golden State Warriors to move on, it's a problem for him.

Green has stated that he wants to work on his emotions. He knows that he has to keep his emotions in check to help the team. While Draymond has seemed to have made a proactive effort into bringing a calmer approach to his reactions during a game, that hasn't stopped Gary Payton from calling out Green regarding that part of his game.

Today, Payton went on Sirius XM NBA Radio and had this to say about Draymond:

Payton is a very well respected former basketball player. He knows the game and was one of the best defenders to ever play in the league. He sees some of the same intensity that he had within Draymond. As mentioned, Gary Payton is right that Draymond Green complains a lot, but that shouldn't be too big of a deal for long.

As Draymond continues to mature, he'll realize that complaining to refs won't gain him much respect around the league. Green is only 26 years old and still has many years in the league. Hopefully, in time, comments like these from Gary Payton will seize to exist as he completes his maturation.

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