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Genshin Impact Version 2.3 Event: Energy Amplifier Fruition

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Genshin Impact’s version 2.3 has a lot of events that involve challenging combat, and one of them is a returning event from a previous version. This one is called Energy Amplifier Fruition, where players collect fruit fragments to buff their characters, and enter a dungeon with their specific difficulty of choice. This event has a lot of rewards, like Mora and enhancement materials, including Primogems.

Energy Amplifier Fruition is quite similar to the previous version, where players should clear certain points-of-interests, riddled with foes who are massively strengthened by a Mutation Stone. Destroying the Mutation Stones makes the challenges a lot easier, but experienced players can choose not to do so and test their mettle. In this new version of the event, players will immediately receive the Energy Amplifier and all of its Irminsul Fruit Fragments, after finishing Act I of the event. Succeeding Acts will only unlock new Deceitful Domains.

Deceitful Domains are the true challenge of this event, where players try to get a high score, by combining numerous ‘risks’ and making the domain as difficult as possible, while remaining doable. Fruit Fragments obtained from the Acts provide significant benefits to the player, and choosing a good combination of those will surely help the player clear the Deceitful Domains.

Energy Amplifier Fruition might not be that easy for beginners due to its challenging difficulty, but it’s definitely a good place to test one’s combat skills to the fullest, which not many events offer.