Scaramouche, the Sixth of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui, reappears in Genshin Impact 2.1. While this isn’t his first appearance in the game, it is his first appearance in the Archon Quests. He was the primary antagonist of the Unreconciled Stars limited-time event that also featured Mona and Fischl. However, his role in the story might just be ready to grow, so let’s take a closer look at what kind of dastardly deeds Scaramouche is about.

Who is the Fatui’s Scaramouche, and what is his relationship with the Traveler?

Scaramouche is a cunning, deceptive individual. When first meeting the Traveler, he appeared friendly. He shares information with Fiscl, Paimon, Oz, and the Traveler about the meteorites that have been putting people into a deep slumber. He even laughed at Paimon when she commented on his unusual outfit. He introduces himself as a “Vagrant from Inazuma,” which might explain his appearance in the next version. However, upon learning the Traveler’s identity as the Honorary Knight of the Knights Favonius, Scaramouche showed his true colors.

When he bumps into the party again, he tried to attack the Traveler with a sneak attack, but his attempt was foiled by Mona. Mona sensed his bad intentions and used her magic to teleport the party to safety. It turns out that Scaramouche was only deterred by the presence of the Millelith Guard during his first meeting with The Traveler. Thus, he looked for another opportunity to strike.

Scaramouche’s relationship with the Fatui

Scaramouche has the reputation of being disagreeable. Although he appeared to be friendly with the Traveler at the start, it was all just a ruse. Beneath his calm and collected exterior is a cruel and calculating man. He is prone to rage when things don’t go his way, and has the tendency to threaten his subordinates when they show any signs of disobedience. However, his manners don’t only put a strain on his relationship with his subordinates, but also with the other Harbingers of the Fatui. It is said that he is disliked even by them. In fact, he was sent to Liyue by Pierro to investigate the meteorites. It turned out that the meteorites were just a hoax, and that Pierro sent him to Liyue knowing this. Scaramouche took this as a slight, and left the Traveler, Paimon, and Mona, presumably to confront “The Jester.”

What is Scaramouche doing in Inazuma?

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Scaramouche has been teased during the 2.1 Special Program, and it’s confirmed that he will appear in Inazuma.

Scaramouche later appears in the Archon Quests, revealed to have been collaborating with the Kanjou Commission. The Fatui had been influencing the politics in the island, causing instability in the nation. The Traveler finds Scaramouche in a factory of Delusions in Yashiori Island, where the Fatui Harbinger incapacitates the Traveler. Before passing out, the Traveler sees Yae Miko arrive, confronting Scaramouche and saving the Traveler.

Later on, Yae Miko reveals to the Traveler that she has given Scaramouche the Electro Archon’s Gnosis to Scaramouche in return for The Traveler’s safety.

Powers, Abilities, and Visions

Scaramouche hasn’t shown his Vision yet, so we cannot ascertain his elemental resonance. However, it is highly likely that he doesn’t have a vision, while still harnessing the powers of Electro. As revealed by Yae Miko towards the end of Inazuma’s Archon Quest, Scaramouche was the prototype Raiden Shogun automaton, and was named “Balladeer” by the Raiden Shogun. It is thus revealed that Scaramouche isn’t human, but instead a conscious and living puppet. As Ei did not wish to kill him, she instead sealed his divine powers and released him in the wild, leading to him becoming the “Vagrant from Inazuma.” He eventually joins the Fatui and becomes the Sixth of the Fatui Harbingers. Yae Miko notes that Scaramouche is even stronger than Signora, as the Fatui was able to unlock his full powers. The Fatui also gave him additional modifications. However, as evidenced by Scaramouche’s disdain towards Delusion users, he might not be using one, unlike all of the other Harbingers.