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George Kittle, 49ers

George Kittle: 3 bold predictions for the Niners TE against the Packers

The San Francisco 49ers have a meeting with the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Now, a lot of people will remember that the 49ers dismantled the Packers in the regular season. However, the postseason is an entirely different animal.

San Francisco likely won’t get a cakewalk like they did last time around. Which means they’ll need some big games.

With that in mind, you should keep an eye on tight end George Kittle. What exactly will he do though? Here are three bold predictions for Kittle in the NFC Championship game against the Packers.

Eight-Plus Receptions

George Kittle is one of the best tight ends in the NFL. He proves that on a weekly basis when he dismantles opposing defenses.

What makes Kittle so tough to cover is the hybrid nature of his game. The tight end is massive (6’4″, 250 lbs) and strong. But he also has great speed and athleticism. There really isn’t anyone on a defense that can guard that.

Green Bay has a much improved defense this year. Maybe Blake Martinez can handle Kittle a little bit, but for the most part, Kittle should have his way with anyone trying to cover him.

That’s going to lead to the tight end getting open a lot. Jimmy Garoppolo knows to look his way, which means George Kittle will end the game with a lot of receptions.

Two Touchdowns

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the first point. George Kittle is basically unguardable. That becomes even more obvious in the red zone.

In close quarters, the 49ers can utilize his size and strength to bully defenders. He will use his athleticism and quickness to create some separation, then just out muscle the smaller defensive backs for the reception.

Kittle had just five receiving touchdowns in the regular season, but the 49ers will be looking to score early and often. No reason to take your foot off the gas in the playoffs. Make sure you bury your opponent. That means getting the ball to Kittle, a lot.

I know two touchdowns still sounds like a stretch for someone who had zero multi-touchdown games in 2019. But it wouldn’t be a bold prediction then, would it?

One Unreal Play

George Kittle is known for having some absolutely ridiculous plays. He can juke someone out of their cleats, or just run right through them.

The tight end can break NFL Twitter at any given moment. This is the playoffs. Not only is this the playoffs but it’s the Championship round. Everything is cranked up to 11.

Also, we are down to just four teams. That means two games are being played this week. Not only is everything cranked up, it’s under a spotlight.

Kittle will shine in that spotlight. At least once during the game, Kittle will do something that makes your head spin. Maybe it’s an insane one-handed catch. Or maybe he breaks off a few tackles to get himself a massive gain.

Whatever it is, just be prepared to see George Kittle do something incredible. He usually does.