Stetson Bennett scored Georgia football’s first touchdown of the game in their clash vs. the Tennessee Volunteers. With over eight minutes remaining in the first quarter, Bennett rolled out to his right and avoided pressure from a Volunteers defender before plunging into the end zone for six.

After the touchdown, Bennett was caught on camera mimicking a phone conversation. No, he wasn’t pretending to call his mom. The Georgia Bulldogs football quarterback was trolling Tennessee Volunteers fans who were calling him after his phone number leaked the night before the contest.

Barstool Sports captured the moment on Twitter.

Hilarious. Stetson Bennett knew exactly what he was going to do if he got into the end zone for the Georgia Bulldogs against Tennessee football.

The Georgia football star’s phone number was reportedly leaked by Tennessee Volunteers fans, something he clearly remembered heading into the contest.

But Bennett wasn’t done after that first touchdown plunge. The Georgia Bulldogs signal-caller went on to toss two touchdown passes, a 37-yard bomb to a wide-open Ladd McKonkey in the end zone and a five-yard toss in the red zone to Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint.

The three scores Stetson Bennett has accounted for currently have the Georgia football program out in front 21-6 at the time of print. Judging by the pace of the Bulldogs offense, this won’t be the last time Bennett is in the end zone vs. Tennessee.

Stetson Bennett probably also has another savage celebration up his sleeve should he do so. Stay tuned, college football fans.