Gerard Butler's net worth in 2024 is $80 million. Butler is a world-famous Scottish actor whose career spans 25 years. Of course, he is well-known for his portrayal of King Leonidas in the historical epic movie 300, but he has been an amazing actor in other movies as well.

Overall, his accolades include numerous nominations for Saturn and Satellite Awards, and an MTV Movie+TV award for Best Fight for the movie 300. To understand how this former lawyer got to an international movie star career and how lucrative the journey was, let's look at Gerard Butler's net worth in 2024.

What is Gerard Butler's net worth in 2024?: $80 million (estimate)

Gerard Butler with fireworks.

Gerard Butler's net worth in 2024 is somewhat expected, as it is estimated to be around $80 million, according to outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth. He has been consistently cast in some major projects, and it all started with his incredible portrayal of the historical figure King Leonidas in 300.

However, acting was not even an option for Butler when he was younger. As he was growing up, his first choice was to become a lawyer, but as some life circumstances got in the way, he never got to the top of the law game.

A transition into movies proved to be a key decision in his life, as he became world famous in this regard. Let's look at the journey that Gerard Butler took to get to this net worth and movie resume.

The actor was born in the town of Paisley, Scotland. At a very young age, Butler's family was broken up by divorce, and he spent a bit more than a year living in Canada but returned to Scotland when he was just a year-and-a-half old.

In Scotland, Butler was raised by his mother and pursued law, entering the University of Glasgow upon finishing high school. Despite also partaking in youth theater during high school and university, becoming a lawyer was his primary choice in life.

He was on the way there, but there was a major obstacle. His father came back into Butler's life and then suddenly passed away from cancer, sending Butler into a downward spiral. After losing his job, he moved from Scotland to London to pursue an acting career.

Gerard Butler's early acting career

Despite it being a long shot, to say the least, Gerard Butler started making a name for himself in the movie industry. At first, it was just a few roles here and there, including some blockbusters such as Tomorrow Never Dies, a James Bond movie, and Mrs. Brown.

His breakout roles in the early part of his career were in Tomb Raider 2, Reign of Fire, and the film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera.

Interestingly enough, at that time in his career, he was also an actor in theater, portraying Renton, Ewan McGregor's character, in the stage adaptation of the Scottish cult classic Trainspotting. His acting career was on the come-up, but it would take a giant leap into true stardom in 2006.

Gerard Butler's breakout role

That year, Gerard Butler was cast as King Leonidas, a king of Sparta famous in Greece for apparently fighting off a massive Persian army with just 300 Spartans. The epic movie 300, in which Butler played the lead, was a huge success, both with critics and with the audiences. It was more than a success, making $456 million against a $65 million estimated budget.

For this role, Butler trained for four months and appeared in great physical condition. Due to this, getting some other action movies in the future also worked for the Scottish star. Fortunately for him, Butler was not cast for the sequel, which was generally underwhelming and did not perform as well financially.

In the years since, Butler has become one of the more notable action stars in Hollywood, while also dabbling in romantic comedy as well as lending his voice to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Butler starred alongside Jamie Foxx in 2009's Law Abiding Citizen, and he has a movie franchise going with the character Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent.

Butler has starred as Banning in Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, and Angel Has Fallen, with plans for a fourth installment, Night Has Fallen, for the future. He also has sequels in the works for Greenland and Den of Thieves.

His most recent release is the action film Kandahar. He also has a recurring role on ARK: The Animated Series.

Gerard Butler's other income

Due to his overall career work, Gerard Butler has such a high estimated net worth. However, it is not only movies that Butler has done in his career. He has diversified his income sources in many different ways partly because Butler was able to capitalize on the incredible amount of fame his starring role in 300 got him.

Overall, he has investments in real estate, all around the US and the UK, restaurants, small stock holdings, and many more. He also has a ton of endorsements, a football club in Scotland, as well as his own vodka company.

To top it all off, Butler also has his line of fragrances, which is also a major income source. It is clear that Butler really transformed from a young kid wanting to be famous into a serious businessman.

Nevertheless, were you at all stunned by Gerard Butler's net worth in 2024?