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Giants: 3 Reasons Why New York Should Trade Janoris Jenkins

For the New York Giants, their season is essentially over with them being 4-8. They are not mathematically out of it, but in reality they need a miracle to happen for them to clinch a playoff berth.

There hasn’t been much to be excited about for the Giants, especially after blowing a 19-3 lead in Week 12 against the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s bad enough to lose a game in the fashion they did, but it’s worse when it comes at the hands of a division rival.

The only bright spots offensively have been the dynamic duo of Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham. Barkley has shown he can be one of the best running backs in the NFL with his ability to be a dual-threat.

Saquon Barkley, Giants

The Giants will begin to start looking at the future of their franchise and evaluate what they have. The NFL Draft and free agency will be an important time for New York to improve their roster this off-season.

Trades could also be a possibility, with them trying to free up money for the future. Janoris Jenkins could be one of the players who could be headed elsewhere. Jenkins was one of the names thrown around during the trade deadline, but it never came into fruition.

Here are a few reasons why the Giants should look to move Jenkins this off-season.

Jenkins’ Contract is Pretty Expensive

New York signed Jenkins to a 5-year, $62.5 million deal in free agency in 2016. Jenkins was also given a $10 million signing bonus and $28.8 million was guaranteed.

In 2018, Jenkins will be a cap hit of $10 million for the Giants. That puts him as the 11th highest cap hit among corner backs this season. He’s been good at times, but the inconsistency of Jenkins has been visible.

Heading into next year, Jenkins will be owed a base salary of $10.15 million. His cap hit will come around $14.75 million–which includes bonuses and other incentives. Both of these numbers remain the same in 2020.

His cap hit of $14.75 million ranks fifth among corner backs in 2019 and seventh in 2020. That’s a lot of money that can be freed up by simply trading him.

Odell Beckham Jr.

With Jenkins current contract, he is not set to become a free agent until 2021. New York would be smart to try and move him before his contract runs it’s course. There are many teams in the NFL who could use a veteran corner back like Jenkins.

With the Giants in a position where they need to do a small rebuild, Jenkins should be traded to acquire draft picks. Those picks can become future starters or important role players.

Jenkins Isn’t Getting Any Younger

At this time next year, Jenkins will be 31 years old. For any position in the NFL, that’s pretty old, especially for one that you chase fast wide receivers around.

Of course he isn’t going to get any faster from here on out. When a corner back gets older, they tend to rely on their other skills beside speed to get an advantage. For a corner back who is playing in their 30s, they’ve seen basically everything from an offense, allowing them to make reads with ease.

When you’re talking about Jenkins’ age, you have to take his contract into consideration at the same time. A cap hit of $29.5 million over the next two seasons is unfathomable for an aging player at a position that is becoming more tough to play.

Kyle Lauletta, Giants

There are outliers at the corner back spot who are playing at a high-level in their 30s. This includes Josh Norman, Aqib Talib and Johnathan Joseph. You also had guys like Terence Newman and Deangelo Hall who played phenomenal as they got older.

It’s a rarity though to see a corner back continue their dominance once they hit 30 years old. Jenkins is a guy who used to rely on his instincts and closing-speed to force turnovers. This season, you witness him being more of a finesse corner back, who relies on his experience to make plays.

He currently has two interceptions, which would be his lowest since 2014. If you combine the fact he is getting older with how much money he is owed over the next two years, it would be wise for New York to consider trading Jenkins.

Giants Are Not in Win Now Mode

Standing at 4-8 currently, the Giants are not poised to make a Super Bowl run any time soon. They have tons of areas that will need to be addressed to change their current course.

Before the trade deadline, the Giants realized they weren’t in a position to win anytime soon–trading Damon Harrison and Eli Apple. Jenkins was rumored to being shopped around, with no eventual buyers.

Eli Manning, Giants

A team needs veterans, but is Jenkins worth keeping with how much he will cost? Probably not, unless he restructures his contract big time. The Giants will need to start moving towards a youth movement and build around their core of Barkley and Beckham.

New York has young talent on defense as well, with players like Landon Collins, Dalvin Tomlinson and B.J. Goodson. Goodson and Tomlinson have shown flashes of their potential, while Collins is one of the best safeties in the NFL (pay the man).

New York has a few decisions to make with certain veterans this off-season. Eli Manning, Olivier Vernon and Jenkins are all part of this group. This off-season will be a vital one for the team that resides in the Big Apple, with trading Jenkins being a possibility.