The New York Giants offense, rather than impress, continue to depress. The Giants have had difficulties gaining favorable field positioning as it is, so to see them waste their golden scoring opportunities will hurt head coach Brian Daboll to the core of his being. One play in particular drew the ire of Daboll. In the third quarter, with the Giants down 14-3 with 1:20 left in the third quarter, the team had a chance to score at 2nd and goal. However, Seattle Seahawks CB Devon Witherspoon had other ideas, snatching away an ill-advised pass from Daniel Jones for an exhilarating 97-yard pick-six.

This sealed what ended up being a 24-3 victory for the Seahawks, sending the Giants, a playoff team last season, into an even greater tailspin. At the moment, there are no easy answers for Daboll when it comes to how to rectify the situation they find themselves in. In fact, Daboll could do nothing but throw his hands up in the air when asked what he wanted his prized quarterback to do in the play that ended up being their lowlight of the night.

“Obviously not throw an interception,” Daboll said, per Jordan Raanan of ESPN.

That is easier said than done these days for Daniel Jones. Jones, fresh off signing a four-year, $160 million extension, has been rather lackluster, to say the least. In addition to throwing two interceptions against the Seahawks on Monday night, he added even further to his ignominious turnover totals since entering the league in 2019. Not only did he add to his fumbles tally, he was also sacked 11 times, adding even greater cause for headache for Brian Daboll and the Giants.

Jones has to figure out how to right the ship, and fast, especially with the Giants' offense looking like it's not due for a turnaround anytime soon. Apart from Jones' impressive second-half display against the Arizona Cardinals during their comeback victory in Week 2, the Giants have been dreadful offensively, and it's thanks in large part to Jones' inability to lead the team's attack. And it's not going to get easier anytime soon with a matchup against the Miami Dolphins on the docket.