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Giants’ Daniel Jones reacts to DeMarcus Lawrence’s ‘little Manning’ comment

Daniel Jones, DeMarcus Lawrence

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is certainly no stranger to dealing with noise from opposing players. This time it came from Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

Lawrence called Jones ‘little Manning’ for his likeness to quarterback Eli Manning. The rookie has since offered up his response, via Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post:

“I appreciate that,” Jones said with a wry smile. “That was nice of him to say.”

It is difficult to tell whether or not Lawrence is praising or criticizing Jones. Regardless, it is encouraging to see that the rookie has developed some thick skin early on in his career. He took the criticism from Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield prior to the 2019 NFL season and managed to respond by outplaying him once he became the starter. He will now be looking to show Lawrence that he is more than just the new Manning.

Of course, Lawrence’s comments were not nearly as harsh as Mayfield’s were. In fact, he acknowledged Manning’s status as a Hall-of-Famer and implied that it was simply the passing of time that attributed to his underwhelming performance in recent years. Lawrence seems to indicate that the Giants are getting the early version of their former franchise quarterback.

Jones is likely doing what he can not to provide Lawrence with any more motivation to sack him during their Week 9 matchup. The former fifth overall pick has been sacked 21 times thus far in the 2019 NFL season. Regardless, Jones will still have an opportunity to show that he is the version of Manning with a few more tricks up his sleeve.