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Giants legend Eli Manning perfectly demonstrates why never to ski and film at the same time

Giants, Eli Manning

New York Giants legend Eli Manning is considered by many as one of the greatest quarterbacks this game has ever seen. As it turns out, however, the same cannot be said about his skiing skills.

In a recent clip shared by Manning himself via social media, the 40-year-old demonstrated why it’s never a good idea to ski and film at the same time (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

The only negative we can take away from the above clip is that we never got a chance to see Manning actually crash. Instead, we were treated to a first-person perspective of the actual fall. Still, it would have been great if we saw the two-time Super Bowl champ actually fall to the ground. Seeing him trying to get back up in full ski gear, with a phone/camera in tow would have been pretty funny, too.

It did not look like he sustained an injury from the crash and he was laughing about it after as well (he even posted it on Twitter!), so I guess it’s okay to have a bit of fun with this ourselves.

Manning, who is reportedly on his way back to New York to fulfill some sort of front-office role with the Giants, is an undeniably well-loved figure in the world of football and these are the types of endearing moments that remind us why this is the case.