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Former coach of Daniel Jones, Eli Manning credits both after Giants’ win


The New York Giants won their first game of the year in Week 3. After starting 0-2, they made a switch at quarterback. They took out veteran and future Hall of Famer Eli Manning, and went with rookie Daniel Jones.

In his first start, Jones looked very solid. Although he had a few fumbles, he tended to make the right play. That included two touchdown passes and two touchdown runs.

His great play led the Giants to a tight victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A lot of people are quick to credit Jones with the victory and his great play. David Cutcliffe will gladly do that as well. However, he also wants to give Manning his proper dues.

In case you didn’t know this, Cutcliffe was the College coach of Daniel Jones and Eli Manning. He knows both players extremely well and wants to make sure everyone realizes how much Manning has likely helped prepare Jones for this moment.

To his point, it definitely doesn’t hurt the rookie quarterback to have a Hall of Famer helping to teach him the ropes. He’s learning what not to do and what the right call is, both on and off the field. Manning has been around long enough and seen it all — he’s a fantastic mentor.

Clearly, the Giants are ready to pass the torch to their rookie quarterback. It appears Daniel Jones is ready to take that torch. It also appears Manning understands what’s happening and has accepted his new role.

The success of the Giants will now be in the hands of Jones, but Coach Cutcliffe wants to make sure everyone knows that Manning will play his part as well.