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Daniel Jones berated by Kenny Golladay on sidelines, QB responds

Giants, Daniel Jones, Kenny Golladay, Washington Football Team

Remember that 90s movie Little Giants, where a bunch of young football players got along so well and found ways to win despite their underdog lineup? That’s exactly what the New York Giants are not. Or at least on Thursday.

The Giants suffered another heartbreaking loss, bowing to the Washington Football Team, 30-29. Things got ugly for the listless Giants when wide receiver Kenny Golladay was seen on the bench berating star quarterback Daniel Jones. Golladay was clearly mad about something, while Jones fired back as he sat on the bench. Jones’ backup Mike Glennon was also seen trying to talk to the irate Golladay (via Bobby Skinner).

After the Giants’ second straight loss, Jones addressed the verbal spat with Golladay, downplaying it as a typical conversation among competitive individuals. He, however, admitted that Golladay wanted to have more touches.

“You know, he was frustrated with the situation, I don’t really think it was (directed) to me or to anyone in particular. I think, you know, we’re all good. I love Kenny, I thought he played hard and did a lot of good things out there. I gotta do a better job finding him in some place and you know, we’ll work through it.”

Sounds good.

Jones had a solid game for the Giants, throwing for 249 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for 95 yards and a TD.

Jones and Golladay can put their spat behind as the Giants battle the Atlanta Falcons at home on September 26 and avoid a third straight setback.