Giants news: Landon Collins not expected to return to New York
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Giants safety Landon Collins not expected to return to New York

Landon Collins, Giants

New York Giants star safety and impending free agent Landon Collins has reportedly cleaned out his locker and is not expected back with the team.

This latest report comes just a few days after USA Today announced that Collins and the Giants brass were not in contract negotiations, and both sides were content with Collins becoming a free agent when March rolled around.

Of course, USA Today also speculated that it was still possible — if unlikely — that Collins would become a franchise tagged player.

“This could all mean nothing if the Giants wind up applying the franchise tag to the 25-year-old Collins, which is a very realistic scenario. However, it seems there haven’t been any new movements on a future contract with the former All-Pro safety.”

As for where Landon Collins would end up if, indeed, he does end up on the free agency block, USA Today speculates that the Indianapolis Colts could make a play for him — and the fit would make the most sense.

“Collins would be a perfect fit for the Colts should he hit free agency. He can play in a split-zone as a deep half safety, he can cover tight ends and play in the box helping out against the run or as a blitzer.  The Colts have enough resources to sign Collins this offseason if he winds up hitting the market, but it is a waiting game now as the Giants have until March 5 to apply the franchise tender. Should, they fail to do so by the deadline, the star safety would become an unrestricted free agent and fair game for any team to pursue him.”