Giants news: New York partners with nonprofit to educate community
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Giants partner with nonprofit to educate community about civic engagement

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Aside from putting an emphasis on player safety heading into the 2020 NFL season, teams around the league are also doing what they can to keep the fight against racial injustice going, and that includes the New York Giants.

The Giants have announced their partnership with RISE to help raise arenas on voter education and voter registration leading up to Election Day, via the team’s official website:

“We’re proud to partner with the Giants, who have embraced their role as leaders and understand the power that sports has in bringing together communities and our country,” RISE CEO Diahann Billings-Burford said. “The Giants and their players have a tremendous platform and are devoted to using it to inspire civic engagement, which is critical to creating a unified nation committed to racial equity and social justice.”

Although protests continue to take place throughout the nation to raise awareness on the issues, the time has now come to make it come to fruition by voting in the change they want to see. The Giants are making efforts to do their part by hosting events and getting team personnel involved with the cause.

The lack of voter turnout has long been a concern with approximately four out of 10 eligible voters not casting their ballots. Meanwhile, the restrictions placed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) has only amplified these concerns for Election Day on Nov. 3.

It has been deemed a foregone conclusion that players fully intend to exercise their right to protest during the 2020 NFL season. The Giants are making sure that that community is also exercising its right to vote.