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NFL analyst thinks Giants should start Daniel Jones in the preseason

The preseason is used for teams to learn exactly what they have on their roster and that’s why Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report thinks that the New York Giants should start rookie quarterback Daniel Jones in the preseason.

Knox points out the Giants already know what they have with Eli Manning but they don’t know what they have with Jones which is why they need to figure that out during the preseason with the rest of the starters.

“This is why the Giants should give Jones the starting nod for the preseason. Manning will presumably open the season as the starter, which means Jones won’t get much practice time with the first-team offense moving forward. If he’s allowed to start during the preseason—even if just for a series or two at a time—the Duke product will get valuable experience. The Giants, meanwhile, will get an idea of how Jones performs in live game action.”

This move would make a lot of sense but if the Giants are 100 percent set on starting Manning for a good chunk of the season it is hard to imagine the team doing this. If Jones were to perform well with the starters and Manning had any type of struggles the fans and the media would be calling for Jones to start.

That very well could already happen, but if Jones looks good during the preseason the calls will be even louder. The story of training camp for the Giants is going to be all about the quarterbacks and there will be plenty more about this story in the coming weeks.