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Odell Beckham Jr. admits he ‘wasn’t very happy’ in New York

Odell Beckham Jr, Browns

The Big Apple seems a perfect place for a guy with the personality like Odell Beckham Jr., but evidently, it wasn’t and he admits he wasn’t very happy with the New York Giants. At first, after being traded to the Cleveland Browns, Beckham was a bit shocked, but now says he is in the happiest he has ever been.

“I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” Beckham said to GQ. A lot of that presumably has to do with the fact that this trip to New York is now an away game for him.

Beckham was happy for the most part in New York but last December he felt something in his gut that made him not happy in The Big Apple.

“[I felt] something in my gut. . . I just wasn’t very happy,” Beckham said. “It just became not the right fit.”

It really isn’t a surprise that Beckham wasn’t happy with New York because not much was going right. He was putting up big games, but he was consistently in trade rumors, getting drilled by the New York media, and most importantly losing games.

A lot of those things could have been okay if the Giants were winning games, but it’s hard to put up with all those when the team isn’t winning.

With the Browns this year, he is back with his best friend Jarvis Landry, and he is going to get a chance to do something that wasn’t possible in New York and win a lot of games.