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Rex Ryan thinks Daniel Jones is a better QB than Sam Darnold

Rex Ryan, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold

Daniel Jones and Sam Darnold are the future faces of New York football. While the New York Giants are nowhere close to playoff contention, Jones has been putting on a show that gives fans a legitimate reason to be excited about.

In fact, his performances have been impressive enough that Rex Ryan is putting his reputation on the line to rank Jones above Darnold in the quarterback rankings.

Dan Orlovsky was livid with his claims, but the seasoned pundit explained his points. He claimed that the Jets got more offensive weapons over the summer, but it’s Jones who has continued to impress in spite of that. The Jets don’t look like a team that has any idea where they’re going as a team while the Giants are clear when it comes to their future with Jones.

Moreover, his performance during the Giants’ bitter defeat to the Detroit Lions leaves nothing to be desired. He threw for 322 passing yards and four touchdowns. He didn’t throw any picks and had a 68% completion rate. He single-handedly took the team as close to the victory as they could, and it was on the rest of the team that they didn’t finish with the W.

In spite of his heroics, the rookie claims that he’s not satisfied with his performance. Per the New York Post:

“I didn’t do enough to help us win,” Daniel Jones said.

This is exactly what you want to hear, what a team needs to hear from its quarterback, young or old. And the thing with this kid is he means it.

“I played fine at times,” he said. “We moved the ball up and down the field. As an offense, we’re confident we can do that against anyone.

The future does look bright for the Giants, and maybe Ryan is right for siding with the rookie. However, only time can tell if Jones does become the QB NY football badly needs.