The San Francisco Giants fired Gabe Kapler on Friday. Kapler spent four seasons with San Francisco, three of which were rather mediocre. The Giants enjoyed a special 2021 season but that has begun to look like an outlier. Still, the decision was fairly surprising. San Francisco is now in the process of looking for a new manager, and Aaron Boone of the New York Yankees could make sense.

It obviously needs to be noted that Boone is still with the Yankees as of this story's publication. That said, Boone recently admitted to being unsure of his job status for the 2024 campaign. The Yankees endured a down 2023 season as well, leaving some people around the MLB world questioning Boone's future in New York. Boone would be a coveted manager if the Yankees opted to go in a different direction.

Why would Aaron Boone make sense for the Giants though?

Why Giants must hire Aaron Boone

2024 will be the final season of Aaron Boone's contract with the Yankees. Barring an extension, he will be a free agent manager next offseason.

So even if New York decides to keep Boone for one more year, the Giants could still think about signing him next year. And for 2024, they could simply implement an interim manager. But if Boone gets fired soon with the '23 season winding down, now will be the time to pounce for San Francisco.

Boone has found a lot of success with the Yankees. Some Yankees fans may say otherwise since New York hasn't won a World Series under Boone's leadership. The team has been a consistent playoff contender though.

One area where Boone has excelled is in terms of handling the media. Everyone knows New York media can be difficult to navigate, but Boone has done a respectable job. He doesn't throw his players under the bus and is open to taking blame when the Yankees struggle.

So if Boone can handle the New York media, he would certainly do a fantastic job in San Francisco.

The Bay Area media is much more relaxed so Boone would be more than prepared. Giants fans will wonder how Boone would provide an upgrade over Gabe Kapler in terms of winning though.

Aaron Boone vs. Gabe Kapler

Boone hasn't endured a losing season with the Yankees. In fact, this is the first season New York failed to win more than 90 games with Boone leading the charge (2020's 60-game season excluded).

Even in 2023, Boone has led the Yankees to an 81-78 record as of this story's writing. That is a down season for him. Many managers around the league would love to have a record like that.

The fact is Boone knows what it takes to lead a winning team.

On the other hand, Kapler's tenure with the Giants was defined by mediocrity with the 2021 season being the exception. Now that wasn't all his fault, as the Giants' front office didn't always provide him with the best talent.

Still, the Giants finished two games under .500 in 2020, exactly .500 in 2022, and are currently three games under .500 in 2023. In 2021, the Giants had the best record in baseball with a 107-55 mark. That season cannot be forgotten, but Kapler struggled in terms of consistency (with winning) overall.

Kapler's first manager job came with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2018. His mediocrity actually began in Philadelphia, leading the Phillies to an 80-82 record in 2018 and 81-81 record in 2019.

Kapler isn't a bad manager. He will find another job in the big leagues if he wants to. But it was time for a change, and Aaron Boone would provide a new level of excitement for Giants fans.

Will Boone actually get fired?

The Yankees don't have a recent track record of firing managers. Given Boone's success, New York won't jump to fire him. Again, though, this is New York we are talking about. Yankees fans expect World Series victories, something that has alluded Boone so far.

Right now, there is no indication of what the future holds for Boone. There's a chance New York moves on, so fans will closely want to monitor the situation. Even if the Yankees don't fire him the Giants could still try to hire him next year if they opt for an interim manager in 2024.