The MLB trade deadline is late Tuesday, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed so far. Juan Soto and Josh Bell are headed to San Diego, Eric Hosmer is going to Boston, and Joey Gallo has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The next big name on the move could be Carlos Rodon of the San Francisco Giants. 

However, MLB insiders Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman shared a harsh reality of acquiring Rodon in a trade.

Sherman wrote the following on Twitter:

“Further complicating trades: JD Martinez owed (roughly) $6.95M rest of yr. Syndergaard $7.8M. Rodon owed $7.8M but already has triggered opt out for 2023 and if he doesn’t opt out, means he likely is hurt and an acquiring team would have a $22.5M booby-prize for 2023.”

Heyman echoed a similar sentiment.

“Rodon is a great pitcher but that contract feature may be seen as something of a poison pill by some interested teams.”

Carlos Rodon is owed quite a bit of money and has an opt-out clause. If he opts-in to the deal, then he will be a free agent following the 2023 campaign. However, Sherman doesn’t expect him to opt-in unless their is an underlying cause.

So will teams be willing to surrender a ton of good prospects for a potential half-season of Carlos Rodon? Possibly, but this contract certainly limits his overall trade value. If he was locked into the deal through next year, it would be a different story. But if that was the case, the Giants might have never placed him on the trade block in the first place.

It will be interesting to see if San Francisco gets an offer worth accepting for Rodon.