New York Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley is a fit dude. Just take one look at his spread on ESPN’s The Body Issue and you’ll know he takes immaculate care of his body. And from anyone who’s watched him play football, his body is also immensely powerful, which is no accident.

Barkley puts in the work to keep his body in such remarkable shape. That much is clear in this video, which gave a brief glimpse into one of his incredibly tough workouts:

Just so it’s clear, Barkley is carrying a trap bar loaded with a significant amount of weight up an incline while someone behind him is doing his best to pull him back with using resistance bands in an attempt to mimic an opposing defender.

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However, you really wouldn’t know anyone was desperately trying to impede Barkley’s progress as he just kept marching forward like the Terminator.

It can’t be overstated how impressive this physical feat is. It’s hard enough to carry a bar with a good amount of weight on it up a pretty steep incline. That alone takes impressive upper body strength to pull off.

But the added resistance presented by the man behind him pulling him back-and the fact that Barkley’s even the slightest bit bothered by it-takes it over the top. The sheer force of the leg drive he’s producing to keep going at a decent pace despite all those impediments is truly astounding.

Barkley has said he wants to be known as a guy who breaks tackles. That insanely hard exercise clearly shows he means business and that he’s getting ready to power his way past defenders during his rookie season.