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Top NBA Draft prospect Jalen Suggs keeps No. 1 Gonzaga undefeated vs. Iowa

Gonzaga, Jalen Suggs

Though Gonzaga may be a mid major, theres no denying that they are led by a top tier talent in Jalen Suggs.

Handily beating No.3 Iowa Saturday afternoon, the top ranked Bulldogs were paced by the guard, who contributed 27 points on 8 of 17 shooting. Despite being known for his shotmaking ability off the dribble, Suggs did it all against the Hawkeyes, at one point chasing down a streaking CJ Fredrick for a stupendous block at the rim.

Though Gonzaga has earned their share of success over the past two decades, the program has rarely recruited players considered likely to be one-and-done at the college level. Preferring athletes that stay at the university for several years in order to build continuity, the addition of Suggs to their roster was seen as a break from tradition given the likelihood he would declare for next year’s NBA Draft.

Traditional or not, it seems doubtful the Bulldogs are regretting the choice.

Considered to be a potential top-three choice in the 2021 NBA draft , Jalen Suggs boasts a diverse skillset that makes him one of the most well-rounded draft prospects in recent memory. While the point guard will be heavily scrutinized by pro teams heading into the new year, it seems just as probable that the rest of the college basketball world will be watching just as closely. Already the prohibitive favorites to win the NCAA championship, the Bulldogs’ easy victory over Iowa appears to have cemented their place as the juggernaut in the field.

Should Suggs continue to find new gears to play with, they may not face much resistance in lapping their competition.