Google Play Games named its Best Games of 2023, among the plethora of mobile games and other sources of entertainment available on the digital storefront.

Google Play Best Games 2023

Google Play selected their Best Games of 2023 across multiple categories including Users' Choice, Best for Tablets, Best Multiplayer, and more.

Best Game of 2023 – Honkai: Star Rail

HoYoverse's turn-based RPG Honkai Star Rail takes the cake as Google Play's best game of the year. This newest entry in the Honkai series has captivated many players, much like their other title, Genshin Impact.

“Honkai: Star Rail took our breath away from our first action-packed moments aboard the Astral Express. This turn-based sci-fi extravaganza rose to our best game of the year thanks to its excellent depth of content, stunning visuals, and thoughtful game design. Each new world we explored was more dazzling than the last.

You’ll be whisked away by its gorgeous anime-style visuals and stylish, memorable characters, but this game is so much more than how it looks. It builds up intrigue by sprinkling lore and character backstories as you go while easing you into its innovative combat system. The result is lasting enjoyment for RPG lovers and new fans alike. If you can only play one game, make it Honkai Star Rail.”

Users' Choice – MONOPOLY GO!

Classic board game adaptation MONOPOLY GO! takes the Users' Choice award. With over 10 million values, a high rating of 4.5 stars across 1.5 million, and the classic nostalgia of fighting over Boardwalk, MONOPOLY GO! brings the board game to the digital age.

“Hit GO! Roll the dice! Earn MONOPOLY money, interact with your friends, family members and fellow Tycoons from around the world as you explore the expanding universe of MONOPOLY GO! It’s the new way to play – board flipping cleanup not required!

Escape, enjoy, dream, scheme and stay in touch with this newly reimagined twist on MONOPOLY! Let everyone’s favorite zillionaire, Mr. MONOPOLY, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands and imaginative locales.”

Best Multiplayer – Farlight 84

Newly released hero-based battle royale Farlight 84 soared to great heights this year. With cross-platform features and an accessible

“Combining the best of a hero shooter and a battle royale, Farlight 84 is a fun, frenetic multiplayer experience. It’s not just a great-looking game either, its colorful cast of characters have unique enhanced abilities you can use to build unstoppable synergies and fundamentally shift how you play.

It also expands on the classic battle royale formula with fluid gunplay, an exciting lineup of drivable vehicles, and a respawn system that makes it easier for you and your team to play together. We loved that we spent less time watching from the sidelines after being eliminated and more time embracing the thrill of competition.”

Honorable Mentions for Best Multiplayer are Arena Breakout: Tactical FPS, Call of Dragons, MARVEL Snap, and Undawn.

Best Pick Up & Play – MONOPOLY GO!

“Monopoly GO had us gripped this year and was full of colorful, cheeky fun from the get-GO. This adaptation is fast-paced and simple to learn – becoming a building mogul is as easy as tapping a button. Within seconds, you’ll be watching your silver token hop jauntily around the board.

When you’re not building up your property portfolio, you might get to attack opponents or steal their earnings in a bank heist. Don’t worry if you’re on the receiving end, it’s easy to build your wealth back up – no board flipping necessary. We couldn’t get enough of this nostalgic and exuberant reinterpretation that provided quick wins and small bursts of fun throughout our day.”

Honorable Mentions for Best Pick Up & Play are Chrome Valley Customs, Mighty DOOM, Monster Hunter Now, and Ninja Must Die.

Best Indie – Vampire Survivors

“Don’t let its retro presentation fool you – Vampire Survivors may look simple but it’s an absolute must-play. Both exceedingly easy to learn and consistently compelling, all Vampire Survivors asks you to do is move your character around its map… oh, and survive an onslaught of monsters intent on ending your life.

Attacks are automatic, meaning smart movements are key to avoid enemy swarms. It keeps things fresh with many distinct characters and dozens of upgradeable weapons. This results in tense sessions where every run feels unique. We’ve been unable to put it down making it a deserving winner of our Best Indies award.”

Honorable Mentions for Best Indie are Roto Force, Song of Bloom, Super Meat Boy Forever, and Underground Blossom.

Best Story – Honkai: Star Rail

“While some games overwhelm you with details from the outset, Honkai: Star Rail delivers its main mysteries and epic lore in bite-sized pieces, meaning the more you discover, the more you’ll want to learn. Its characters are alluring, nuanced, and brilliantly voiced, adding depth and intrigue as you explore the game’s distinct and richly detailed settings.

Honkai: Star Rail also achieves a refreshing balance of emotion and humor. One moment you’re engrossed in a planet’s political intrigue, the next you’re rummaging through the trash. And the best part is that the story is just beginning, with more mesmerizing mysteries to come.”

Honorable Mentions for Best Story are Down in Bermuda, FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS, Lost Words: Beyond the Page, MementoMori: AFKRPG.

Best Game for Good – Pokémon Sleep

Best Ongoing – Stumble Guys

“Stumble Guys is a spectacularly silly multiplayer knockout game where every level feels like a party. The game gets bigger and bolder with each update – with innovative maps and minigames being added all the time. Since launching in 2020, the game has grown into a phenomenon, improving along the way with sharper graphics, new game modes, tournaments, and first-person stumbling.

This year, Stumble Guys kept us coming back thanks to incredible collaborations with big names like Mr. Beast and Barbie, blending pop culture with their wild and wacky brand of battle royale. We love the way this quirky game continues to keep things fresh and bring people together.”

Honorable Mentions for Best Ongoing are Clash of Clans, EA SPORTS FC Mobile Soccer, Merge Gardens, and Royal Match.

Best on Play Pass – Magic Rampage

“Magic Rampage is a delightful action platformer with a heavy emphasis on customization. It kept us thinking on our feet thanks to dozens of weapons, armor, and magical items available that need to be strategically combined to gain an advantage over the game’s tricky environments and enemies.

We love its mix of challenging yet compelling gameplay and the strong variety of content – such as Weekly Dungeons and Survival Mode – meaning there’s plenty to keep you occupied. What’s more, the premium version of Magic Rampage available on Play Pass gives you access to all character skins, armor, and rewards boosts – it’s a perfect example of what Play Pass can offer.”

Honorable Mentions for Best on Play pass are ARIDA: Backland's Awakening, Linea: An Innerlight Game, Machinarium, and Silly Royale – Devil Amongst Us.

Best Multi-device Game – OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime

“Save the world of Mirsha from deadly monsters in this immersive, original RPG full of twists and turns. We love the charming characters and captivating narrative, but it’s Outerplane’s ability to work seamlessly across multiple devices while delivering an excellent turn-based strategy experience that secured its spot as our Best Multi-device Game.

From its outstanding performance on PC to its flawless transitions between screen size on foldables, we loved the way it always ran smoothly, keeping us engaged in the excitement of the story and combat. No matter your device or preferred way to play, enjoy stunning battles and cutscenes that look straight out of an anime. It’s visually stunning, technically impressive, and just plain fun.”

Best for Tablet – Honkai: Star Rail

Honorable Mentions for Best for Tablet are MARVEL SNAP, MONOPOLY GO!, Roto Force, and SOULS.

Best for Google Play Games on PC – Arknights

“Arknights is not your typical tower defense game. Thanks to its captivating story full of well-written characters and an iconic soundtrack, it enhances the usual tower defense formula.

This year it arrived on PC via Google Play Games beta, introducing an entirely new way to put your strategic skills to the test. The slick, responsive controls work seamlessly on PC, while the exquisite anime-inspired artwork positively pops on a larger screen. Arknights shines on PC and showcases the best that Google Play Games has to offer.”

Best for Chromebooks – Minecraft

“Minecraft needs no introduction – it’s one of the world’s most popular games thanks to its endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. This year it officially launched on Chromebooks, impressing us with the same gameplay elements we love about this sandbox world, plus best-in-class optimization across a wide range of Chromebooks.

With large-screen support that looks incredible on your laptop or external monitor, as well as mouse and keyboard optimization for enhanced precision, it provides the best possible experience for your Chromebook.”