The Arizona Cardinals have been one of the most active teams in the 2023 NFL Draft. Their latest move saw the Cardinals trade up to land Ohio State's offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr.

Arizona traded the 12th overall pick, the No. 34 overall pick and the No. 168 pick to move up to six. The Lions traded the No. 81 pick in the draft alongside No. 6.

The Cardinals acquired the 12th pick in their earlier trade with the Texans for the No. 3 overall pick. Loaded with draft capital, Arizona decided to move up and get a player they loved in Johnson.

Both the Lions and Cardinals are looking to build their franchises into playoff contenders. Their surprising trade in the first-round round of the 2023 NFL Draft can benefit both teams in the long run.

Cardinals Grade

Arizona moved down from the third overall pick, instead choosing to accrue extra draft picks, including a first-rounder from Houston next year. The Cardinals then decided to use those picks as ammunition, adding Johnson as a key blocker for Kyler Murray.

Paris Johnson Jr. made a move to left tackle as a senior and became a star with the Buckeyes. He appeared in 13 games and ended his season as a consensus All-American and First-Team All-Big Ten. Playing in the Big 10, Johnson had experience blocking against some of the best rushers in the country.

The Cardinals allowed 46 sacks in 2022, the 10th highest in the league. Kyler Murray is coming back from an ACL tear. Upon his return, Arizona wants the strongest potential offensive line in front of him. Johnson offers a strong piece to build around at tackle.

Arizona did have to give up a second-rounder. But getting a third-rounder pack, they essentially traded a second and a fifth-round pick for a third. To move up six picks and land a player they highly coveted will surely make Murray happy.

Cardinals Grade: A-

Lions Grade

The Lions held the sixth-overall pick due to their Matt Stafford trade with the Los Angeles Rams. Rather than stay at six, Detroit decided to move back and add a couple extra draft picks for their playoff push.

Detroit ended up taking running back Jahmyr Gibbs with the 12th overall pick. It's a bit of a peculiar pick, as the Lions have both David Montgomery and D'Andre Swift. Still, the Lions clearly wanted another play maker and believe they have one in Gibbs.

It's clear that the Lions need defense. Detroit ranked dead-last in total defense, allowing 392.4 yards per game. With the sixth-overall pick, the Lions could've added a defensive player to build around. Instead, they went Gibbs.

The Lions had the fourth-best offense in the league this past season, averaging 280 yards per game. Gibbs feels more like a luxury pick than a serious need.

Detroit did well to add an extra second-round pick in this year's draft. That pick could boost their grade. But their selection of Gibbs puts a bit of a damper on their draft-pick adding trade down.

Lions Grade: C-

Trade Thoughts

The Cardinals and Lions both made major commitments to their future. Both of their picks were a bit of a surprise. However, Arizona's decision seems to be a bit more worthwhile, at least on the surface.

Paris Johnson Jr. wasn't the most hyped up of prospects. But he is a strong talent at left tackle and plays a clear position of need for the Cardinals. While it cost an extra second-round pick, Arizona got a key player for their future.

Gibbs could end up being a star for the Lions. It just seems off to take a running back so early with two already on the roster. However, after trading down once, Detroit stayed put at No. 12 for Gibbs. They clearly have big plans for him.

Both team's first-round picks will have all eyes on them. Either one can change the course of either franchise almost immediately.