Maturity is primarily what the Memphis Grizzlies need ahead of the 2023-34 NBA season. They brought in a veteran guard Marcus Smart but that should not stop there. The squad is going to miss Ja Morant in the early games of the season which means that they could fill that spot up with a veteran facilitator. Derrick Rose's arrival to the team is a good step in the right direction but fatigue is likely to catch them the best of him. Trading for a veteran could be the way to go. But, it would see either one or more of Brandon Clarke, Jake LaRavia, Ziaire Williams, Isaiah Todd, and John Konchar go before the start of the Grizzlies training camp.

The Grizzlies trade Brandon Clarke

The progression to being an all-around player has been steady for the 6-foot-8 power forward. He notched 10 points per game on a solid 65.6% field goal shooting from all three levels of scoring. His statistics make for a good commodity in the trade market. A huge drawback that he has not been able to offer the team is floor spacing.

Brandon Clarke only attempted to take a three-point shot 0.1 times on average in his last 56 games. This is going to be a problem given that the team had just lost a decent shooter in Dillon Brooks. He also only knocked down 16.7% of his three-point shots. This is not at all good for a team in the modern NBA. Stretch big men who are a threat off a pick-and-pop or fake dribble handoffs are all the craze.

Trading him for a big man who can shoot from outside is not at all a bad idea. Taylor Jenkins would be able to expand his schematics if they finish a deal ahead of the Grizzlies training camp.

Memphis trades Ziaire Williams

The timeline fit is an absolute necessity when talking about this team. Ziaire Williams has shown flashes of being a wing who can get hot at times. But, he does not fit in a system that could have gone as far as the Western Conference finals with the second seed last year. Jenkins did not find much use for him as they crumbled against the Los Angeles Lakers. His injuries were also a huge reason why he did not get many opportunities to shine.

But, he has shown flashes of being a versatile defender. Another drawback is that the floor shrinks whenever he is on the floor. His 25% clip from beyond the arc outlines a need for improvement during the Grizzlies training camp. He still remains to be really good but they just have too many young guys on the roster who are developing. Offloading those duties to another team and getting someone who can help them win immediately would be ideal.

Memphis trades John Konchar

John Konchar was entrusted to play 72 games for the Jenkins' squad last season. But, he did not make the most out of the 20.8 minutes per game that was given to him. He only averaged 5.1 points per game on 43.1% field goal shooting. This is not at all bad on any account but he should be producing more entering his fifth season.

Trading him for a floor general who can drop dimes would do wonders when Smart or Morant is out for the team. He needs to step up during the Grizzlies training camp or he will surely get the boot.