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Jaren Jackson Jr. wants to improve his motor, ball-handling and shooting mechanics

Jaren Jackson Jr.

Memphis Grizzlies rookie Jaren Jackson Jr. has proven himself to be one of the most promising young big men in the league today. However, despite a very impressive debut season, the 19-year-old still recognizes his need to improve on several aspects of his game.

Jackson recently spoke with Michael Wallace of NBA.com to detail which specific areas he intends to work on in the summer.

“My motor; just continue to improve on that,” said Jackson, who also aims to cut down on one of the NBA’s highest foul rates of any player this season. “My ball-handling, because it’s becoming a guard’s game. You’ve got to have guard skills to play any position, really. My shooting mechanics, and a little bit of everything. I’m still so young, so I have time to work on everything. There’s definitely nothing you can’t get better at.”

That’s quite a comprehensive list Jackson has there, which you can pretty much sum up to an overall desire to just get better as a player.

One thing we can completely agree on with Jackson here is the fact that he is still at a very young age, with so much time to develop his game. What’s important is he does seem to have the right type of attitude and work ethic which will prove to be pivotal in his journey to stardom.