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Grizzlies news: Mike Conley appreciated Robert Pera telling him about being on the trade block

Mike Conley

Per SB Nation’s Grizzly Bear Blues blog, Mike Conley is thankful that Memphis Grizzlies team owner Robert Pera told him that he was on the trading block. For Conley, it’s much better than hearing it through Twitter or other online forums.

The Grizzlies would love to keep Conley but it’s not financially viable moving forward. It makes more sense for Memphis to start rebuilding around Jaren Jackson Jr. and start to lose games to get a better draft pick. Aside from Conley, center Marc Gasol is also reported to be on the trade block.

Mike Conley told Omari Sankofa II of The Athletic:

“Nah, I haven’t been paying attention. Robert called me yesterday just to make me aware that they were going to go about doing this. So, outside of that, I hadn’t really thought about it or heard much about it.”

Both players are earning a lot of money, making it tough for the team to trade them away. Gasol has a player option worth $25,595,700 for next season, while Conley is in the middle of a five-year, $152.6 million maximum contract he signed with Memphis back in 2016.

Conley, who has spent his entire NBA career with Memphis, is averaging 19.8 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game on the year while shooting 42.2 percent from the field and 35.4 percent from beyond the arc

Marc Gasol is averaging 15.3 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 4.7 assists nightly. The former Defensive Player of the Year is shooting 43.4 percent from the floor and 35.3 percent from deep.

It remains to be seen if the Grizzlies will be able to get a deal done for either of them.