GTA 6 will reportedly receive new content throughout its lifetime after launch, including new cities and missions.

It looks like the long wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 will also lead to long waits before the game gets all of its content published. But believe it or not, this might be for the better.

According to a report by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, Rockstar undertook significant changes in their work culture, including getting rid of the toxic frat-boy culture, as well as the toxic crunch times that developers usually have to endure. These changes have delayed GTA 6, but the employees Schreier interviewed for the report said that work conditions have improved since these efforts were made.

One of the unexpected results of having to reduce crunch time is rolling GTA 6 with not all content available on launch day. Now, this does not mean that the game will come out with content locked out for no good reason, or that some content will not be available at launch to be included as an expansion or DLC later on. Instead, GTA 6 will be an evolving world with new cities and missions introduced through free updates throughout the game's lifetime.

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This change will allow the development team to focus on the game's main content for launch, allowing them to refine the game's most important aspects. Then, after launch, the team will be able to improve with new side content that will flesh out the game even further. This is the same strategy that the team took in developing and rolling out content for Grand Theft Auto Online, and the success of the title may be what inspired Rockstar to employ the same strategy on GTA 6, which has actually been in development since 2014.

The game will be set primarily on a fictional Miami, but given what has been reported about the game so far, we might be seeing more than just that post-launch.

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