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Guardians’ Jose Ramirez’s strong reaction to Mets’ Robinson Cano decision

Jose Ramirez, Guardians, Robinson Cano

The New York Mets designated former All-Star Robinson Cano for assignment on Monday. He is expected to be released and the Mets will still pay him the remainder of his contract. His departure from New York has drawn quite the reaction from around the MLB world. Mets’ star Francisco Lindor previously stated that he would be upset if the Mets ended up releasing Cano. It will be interesting to see what Lindor has to say now that the Mets have indeed decided to part ways with him. Cleveland Guardians superstar and Lindor’s former teammate Jose Ramirez had a strong reaction to the Robinson Cano news as well.

MLB insider Hector Gomez asked Ramirez what he thinks of Cano as a player.

“Robinson Cano is a player who can fit in very well with any team,” Ramirez declared. “He’s a star who can contribute a lot to any team he belongs to.”

Jose Ramirez’s honest take on Cano speaks volumes about him as a player. Cano is an 8-time All-Star who has finished within the top 5 in MVP voting on four separate occasions. His best seasons came from 2009-2017 as a member of the Yankees and Mariners. Cano has been with the Mets since 2019.

Ramirez’s appreciation for Cano is obvious. His remarks on the infielder have stirred rumors about the Guardians potentially being interested in Cano once he officially hits free agency. Although Cleveland signing him seems like a long shot, Jose Ramirez certainly would not mind the Guardians bringing in the veteran infielder.