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Lloyd Pierce delivers insane claim after watching Tiger King

Hawks, Tiger King

Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce has gotten swept up in the “Tiger King” madness.

Pierce said he believes one of the main characters in the documentary series–Carole Baskin–killed her husband after the show seems to hurl accusations and assumptions her way.

The seven-episode series has become the No. 1 show on Netflix as people around the world look for entertainment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Baskin is the owner of a big-cat house in Oklahoma, and her husband has been missing since 1997. One of the other primary characters in the series, “Joe Exotic,” claims Baskin fed her husband to some of the cats in the sanctuary. Yes, this show is not for the faint of heart.

The Hawks coach seems to side with “Joe Exotic” in his feud against Baskin, which resulted in Joe serving a prison sentence.

The show began on March 20, and yet it has captivated audiences everywhere thanks in part to the necessity of quarantining and remaining in isolation due to the pandemic. Moreover, the characters in the documentary are going to be played by Hollywood stars like Kate McKinnon in an upcoming miniseries.

Conspiracy theories might be fun and all, but Pierce probably hopes he can return his focus to basketball in the near future.

The second-year head coach has not had much more success this season, as the Hawks were 20-47 prior to the suspension of play. However, some of their youngsters–notably DeAndre Hunter and Cam Reddish–had shown flashes in the weeks leading up to suspension.

Atlanta has plenty of talent, but they will need their young head coach to help them make a bigger leap if they hope to contend next season.

Theorizing on “Tiger King” probably does not count towards that objective, though you can hardly blame Pierce for indulging.