Hawks news: Trae Young ejected for staring down Bulls' Kris Dunn after earlier skirmish
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Hawks’ Trae Young ejected for staring down Bulls’ Kris Dunn after earlier skirmish

Trae Young, Kris Dunn, Hawks, Bulls

There has been a lot of questionable calls made by NBA referees this season, and you can add the ejection of Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young against the Chicago Bulls to that list.

The play happened early in the third quarter after Young hit a long 3-pointer. He then stared down Bulls’ Kris Dunn and for some reason, he got a technical foul. He didn’t taunt, he didn’t say anything.

He just stared him down.

And he got ejected for it.

It’s already the second technical foul that Young got in this game, as he and Dunn already had an altercation during the first quarter which resulted to both players getting T’d up.

The rookie sensation finished with 18 points, five assists and two rebounds.

Trae Young has been playing really well, especially over the past month. He recently had a streak of games with at least 35 points and 10 assists, something that only Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson was able to do. He’s already playing exceptional basketball against the Bulls before getting ejected.

No wonder why players are often publicly criticizing the referees.

But maybe for the officials, ejecting Young was the right thing to do. Maybe they deemed his stare down with Dunn as a sign of aggression to further escalate the confrontation they had earlier.

No one knows. It’s just weird.