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Hawks’ Trae Young making $4 million donation to Oklahoma multi-sport facility

Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young is making a sizable donation to his hometown of Norman in Oklahoma. This comes out to the tune of a whopping $4 million, which will be used for a new indoor multi-sports facility in the city, according to The Norman Transcript.

This is a huge sum even for the high standards of NBA players, especially considering how the Hawks star is just in his second year in the league. For the record, Basketball-Reference notes that Young has earned roughly $11.6 million over his first two seasons with the Hawks, so to put it in perspective, the 21-year-old is donating more than a third of his total earnings thus far.

It is worth noting, however, that according to the report, Young will will not be paying out the entire sum up front, but instead will dole out the donation over time Young still has two years remaining on his rookie-scale deal, and he is in line for a huge contract within the next year or so. Needless to say, he’s good for the $4 million. Nevertheless, that is still a tremendously generous donation from his part.

This just goes to show how much gratitude Young has for his hometown. He knows that his donation will be put to good use, as it hopes to aid in the development of young and hopeful athletes from Norman — much like he was during his high school days at Norman North.

Trae Young has been quite involved in the socio-political sphere of late. On top of this highly commendable act of philanthropy, the 6-foot-1 point guard also recently raised his voice in the fight against social injustice. Young took to the streets to join in on the peaceful protests, and later on he explained that the fact he’s losing social media followers because of his activism is something he deems “necessary.” He also is partnering with LeBron James and other athletes to help promote African American voting rights.