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Trae Young put up rookie stats last matched or exceeded by Jason Kidd in 1995


Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young put on a show versus the Los Angeles Clippers Monday night and he is already in the record books with a legend point guard.

You can now put Young in the same class as Jason Kidd.

The Hawks traded down to get Young and it seems to be paying off, even though the results do not lead to wins. They are clearly looking towards the future with a cornerstone piece already locked in.

The move to trade down and pass up on Luka Doncic at the time seemed like not a good move, but the move seems to be working out for both teams in the Dallas Mavericks and the Hawks.

Young is one of the top rookies in this draft class and is playing like one. He is averaging 16.8 points, 8.3 assists, 3.2 and rebounds per game. He is shooting 39.1 percent from the field and 24 percent from the field.

His offense is still a work in progress, but his passing abilities are off the charts.

Young’s ceiling is very high and the Hawks got a keeper in him. They knew what they were getting in him when they did that deal with Dallas.

It will be interesting to see if Young can keep this level of energy through an 82-game season.

Young is certainly someone the Hawks can build a franchise around. With the rebuild in full affect for the team, it will be interesting to see who they pair Young with from next year’s talented draft class.