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Hawks’ Trae Young reacts to stunning transition from All-Star starter to snub

Trae Young, Hawks All-Star

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young is undoubtedly one of the biggest snubs in this year’s edition of the All-Star squads. The fact that he was a starter for the East last season only makes matters worse—something with which Young himself seems to agree.

Young employed the use of a couple of emojis to react to his recent snub, as he egged on a conspiracy theory pertaining to the league’s “underlying hate” towards him:

For what it’s worth, the original tweet was sent out by former Rookie of the Year winner Damon Stoudamire. In his prime, Stoudamire stood out as a top point guard in the league, and there might be some who are willing to argue that Stoudamire himself was glossed over for an All-Star spot during his day.

Be that as it may, it’s Trae Young that’s the topic of our discussion here today. Unlike Stoudamire, though, Trae had actually made his appearance in the All-Star team in the past. He was even voted as a starter by the fans last season, which makes it hard to believe why he got booted from the team this year.

You also have to take into account that this year’s All-Star festivities are going to take place in Atlanta, which adds further insult to injury for Young. The snub in itself was one thing, but the fact that he won’t be able to represent the Hawks in their own home city during the All-Star Game is just rubbing salt in his wound.