Hawks news: Trae Young recently aired grievances in locker room rant that didn't go over well
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Report: Hawks’ Trae Young recently aired grievances in locker room rant that didn’t go over well

Trae Young, Hawks

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young aired out some of his frustrations in the locker room after a loss to the Brooklyn Nets two weeks ago. The rant apparently featured some things that shouldn’t have been said and didn’t go over well with the team, according to Jeff Schultz of The Athletic.

Young hasn’t been pleased with the wave of losses the team has endured in a career-best season that has him among the league’s top scorers. The Hawks have lost six straight games and 24 of their last 27 games, a blinding series of failures that has the young second-year point guard looking for answers.

While many doubted his consistency, Young has been the only positive light for a Hawks team that just doesn’t seem to have a winning formula in its grasp. He is averaging 28.4 points and 8.5 assists while playing more than 35 minutes per game, but none of that matters when the team is losing.

Young’s frustration is likely one shared by other players used to winning college programs and high schools that constantly excel, but general manager Travis Schlenk admits there is a leadership problem due to the way this roster was assembled:

“You take these guys who are 19, 20, 21 years old, and you’re asking them to be the leader of guys who are 30 years old and have been in the league for 10 years, and that’s hard,” Schlenk said. “You’re asking them to be the face of the franchise. But he’s had a lot of growth obviously on the court from this time last year to where he is now, and we’ve also seen a lot of growth off the court.”

Young might not have the right words or the clout among his peers to make his words sink in and inspire, but he certainly can’t be blamed for how the Hawks have struggled this season.