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Trae Young reveals Atlanta’s epic nickname for Vince Carter

Hawks, Trae Young, Vince Carter

After 22 glorious seasons in the NBA, Vince Carter has finally called it a career. He spent the final two years of his tenure with the Atlanta Hawks, and as it turns out, he left quite an impression on the team’s rising star in Trae Young.

So much so, that Young even shared how the Hawks endearingly nicknamed Carter as “Yoda,” referencing the legendary Jedi Master from the Star Wars saga.

“He’s definitely been one of the best teammates I’ve had ever, just because of everything he knows and everything he’s taught me in the two years I’ve played with him,” Young told Ernie Johnson. “We call him ‘Yoda,’ because he’s the oldest guy, but he can still play, but he has all the knowledge in the world.”

That’s 22 years worth of NBA knowledge that Carter has in his genius of a basketball mind, and according to Young, the veteran is more than willing to share the same with his teammates.

“I ask him a lot of questions,” the talented Hawks guard added. “Our lockers are always right next to each other — on the road, at home. I got to talk to him a lot these past two years. For me a lot of the questions I asked him are like, ‘What did he do in leading a team?’ I mean, he’s led a team in (the) Toronto [Raptors], in (the) New Jersey [Nets]. All these different places. So for me, trying to be the leader of our team.. what I needed to do to get our team to the next level.”

Young appears to be the Luke Skywalker to Carter’s Yoda, and it seems that the latter has been able to groom Young to be the Hawks talisman for years to come.