Hawks news: Trae Young ties Michael Jordan for most 35-10 games since 1983
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Hawks star Trae Young ties Michael Jordan for most 35-10 games since 1983

Trae Young, Michael Jordan, Hawks

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has tied Michael Jordan for the most 35-point, 10-assist game in their first 90 games in the NBA since 1983.

Per Basketball-Reference, Young and Jordan both have four games with at least 35 points and 10 assists.

Young achieved the feat in the Hawks’ 124-113 overtime loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday. He posted 35 points and 10 assists. He achieved his other 35-10 games last year — his rookie campaign.

His first one was on Oct. 21, 2018 (his third game in the NBA) in a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he notched 35 points and 11 assists. The second was a 36-10 night in an overtime victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves in February. The next game — a quadruple overtime loss to the Chicago Bulls — Young dropped 49 points and 16 assists.

The statistic pretty much proves how Young impacts the game. Initially, people thought of him as the second coming of Stephen Curry — someone who can shoot the ball at will. It doesn’t matter if he’s right behind the 3-point line or 10 or 15 feet away from it.

Now, analysts see Young as a player of his own making. Yes, he’s still doing damage from deep. Moreover, his court vision and crisp passes set him apart not just from comparisons with Curry, but with the majority of NBA guards as well.