Hawks news: Vince Carter doesn't want a retirement tour in final season
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Vince Carter doesn’t want a retirement tour in final season

Vince Carter, Hawks

Kobe Bryant’s final season in the NBA was literally all about celebrating his legendary career, even at the expense of the Los Angeles Lakers’ overall development. Dwyane Wade’s “One Last Dance” wasn’t met with quite that level of hysteria, but was nevertheless a story at every stop the Miami Heat made in 2018-19. Even Dirk Nowitzki, who didn’t officially decide to retire until days before his last time wearing a Dallas Mavericks uniform, was feted on multiple occasions as the regular season came to a close.

Farewell tours, as they’ve come to be known, are all the rage for retiring future Hall of Famers in today’s league. But Vince Carter, who earlier this week announced he would return in 2019-20 to play one last season, certainly won’t be endorsing a retirement tour, and will instead do everything he can to “fight it.”

“If it happens it happens,” he said on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “You know, I’ll fight it. I’m gonna fight it. It’s just the way I am.”

Frequently questioned for his commitment to winning and overall team success during his rise to superstardom with the Toronto Raptors, Carter transitioned into a consummate role player midway through his career, both extending his playing days and flipping the script on a narrative that was never quite fair. The eight-time All-Star will turn 43 years old in January.

Carter is a free agent this summer after playing last season with the Atlanta Hawks. Though he fared well as a veteran mentor to one of the league’s youngest teams and has extra incentive to stay in Atlanta, home of Turner Sports, given his broadcasting aspirations, many fans hope Carter signs with a contender come July, giving him one last chance to win that elusive championship ring.