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Hawks’ Schröder wears funny disguise for streetball tournament in Germany

Dennis Schröder

The Atlanta Hawks‘ Dennis Schröder is perhaps the second most popular German NBA player, next to Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks.

He is best known for his aggressive style of play on the court and, of course, the blonde streak on his hair makes him stand out from the crowd. During last weekend’s three-on-three streetball tournament in Berlin, he decided to wear a hilarious wig and oversized goggles to disguise himself. He posted a picture of his new look on his Instagram account:

But the props didn’t stay on the whole day as he removed them all during game-time. It certainly looked like it helped his sight during this slam:

It’s nice to see the 22-year old enjoying himself in his home country while staying in incredible shape during the summer. It will be a very busy season for Schröder starting in late October as his role with the Hawks has now increased with the departure of Jeff Teague.

With the addition of Dwight Howard and Schröder’s experience from the past couple of seasons, a lot of people are expecting success from the Hawks. Expectations are high not only in Atlanta, but also from his fellow countrymen in Germany.

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