Former NBA coach George Karl sees Bam Adebayo matching well with Nikola Jokic offensively in the Miami Heat-Denver Nuggets NBA Finals series. Defensively, though, it's a different story.

After the Heat took down the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the East Finals on Monday, Karl took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the upcoming big man match-up between Adebayo and Jokic. The former NBA Coach of the Year expressed belief that the Miami center will thrive offensively against Denver, but he also mentioned his concerns that Adebayo will have a hard time stopping Jokic and co. on the other end.

Karl even went as far as to saying that Adebayo could get “absolutely roasted” by his Serbian counterpart.

“I'm a big fan of Bam and I think he could have a good Finals series on the offensive side. Defensively, I think he's going to have a very hard time and he could get absolutely roasted by the Joker,” Karl wrote.

To be fair, George Karl makes a good point. After all, as the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers have learned, Nikola Jokic is just a different beast that is hard to stop. And even when you think you're able to stop him, he finds a way to make an impact on other areas with his high basketball IQ, elite passing and solid rebounding.

It will definitely be a huge challenge for Bam Adebayo, and his performance against Jokic could very well be what dictates the NBA Finals series. Hopefully, though, Karl's assessment will fuel Adebayo to prove him wrong.