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Dwyane Wade reacts to viral story of losing Porsche on a bet

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has more than a few epic stories during his time with the Miami Heat. He’s one of the greatest players to ever dawn the Heat uniform and he’s had quite a bit of unforgettable moments with the franchise.

One that stands out, however, is something that you probably haven’t heard of before. It also isn’t exactly something to write home about for the Heat legend, which is probably why Wade isn’t too fond of broadcasting this particular narrative. You probably wouldn’t too if you were on the losing end of a bet worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Norris Cole, a former teammate of Wade with the Heat, recently recalled the story of the time he literally won a Porsche off of Wade over a single half-court shot:

“We were just shooting around after practice, and then they were getting ice, and I’m a young a guy, I’m not getting any ice at the time,” Cole said during a podcast appearance, via Sam Leweck of Heat Nation. “So, I’m just shooting around, and then he passed me the ball, and I turned and looked at the rim, and I said, ‘Oo, from right here, half court.’ And he was like, ‘Bet.’ And I was like, ‘What we betting?’ Cause he know I don’t gamble. I don’t gamble money or anything like that. So he was like, he said, ‘If you make it, you get the Porsche.’ I said, ‘Bet.’ Shot it and made it, and he was like, ‘It’ll be ready for you when we land.’

Dwyane Wade himself confirmed the story in a tweet:

Wow. Needless to say, Dwyane Wade is a man of his word. He probably didn’t expect Norris Cole to make that halfcourt shot, but D-Wade still lived up to his side of the deal.