The Miami Heat went into their Monday night matchup against the Sacramento Kings very short handed. Not only were Tyler Herro and Terry Rozier out with knee injuries, but the team also lost Jimmy Butler, Nikola Jovic, and Thomas Bryant to suspensions for their role in a brawl between the Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans from last week.

With all these guys out, it seemed like the Heat wouldn't have much of a shot against a hot Kings team, but they ended up gutting out a hard-fought win despite all their absences. Butler and Jovic were forced to watch this game on television, but it looks like they had a pretty good time doing so, with Butler's hilarious cheers drawing quite a rise out of Jovic.

The Heat have turned themselves into one of the top teams in the league thanks to their ability to overcome adversity, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that they managed to do so once again. Jimmy Butler is usually the leading force when it comes to Miami defying expectations, but this time around, he was merely a cheerleader watching the game from afar, and it was a role he embraced.

Butler and Jovic surely would have rather been on the court for this game, but with their suspensions now over, they will be able to get back on the court for their next game, which is taking place on Tuesday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. After picking up a big win over the Kings, the Heat will definitely be hoping the returns of Butler and Jovic can help them get past the Trail Blazers on the second night of their back-to-back.