Not a few people were left disconcerted in South Beach when Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat in 2016 for a chance to play with the Chicago Bulls.

You can count Heat forward Justise Winslow as among those who were frustrated by Wade’s move to Windy City two years ago. Winslow was so affected by it that he said during an interview with Rohan Nadkarni of Sports Illustrated that there was an abrasion in his relationship with Wade following the latter’s departure.

RN: The team seemed to have a new energy last season when Dwyane Wade returned. What’s your relationship like with him?

JW: It’s great. There’s been some ups and downs. When he first got to the team, he looked out for me, kind of like a big brother. There was some animosity when he left for Chicago, I remember that first game it got kind of heated between us. Now everything is great. He’s a big brother to me. He’s invited me to hang out, help me on my game, watch film. He’s a stand-up guy, it’s been a blessing to play alongside him and learn from him.

Dwyane Wade served as a mentor for Justise Winslow when the latter was selected by the Heat in 2015 as the 10th overall choice in the draft. Perhaps it was just a form of separation anxiety on the part of Winslow that largely caused his resentment towards the three-time NBA champion, but the good thing now is that the two are level with each other again. After all, both players got reunited last season when Wade was traded by Cleveland to the Heat in February.